Located at the heart of an emerging landscape for innovation, Kickstart is a mixed-use proposal which makes new technology more accessible to the public and the community. The building supports young and creative entrepreneurs who are looking for affordable, resourceful, and collaborative spaces to work. The program is centered around the innovative capabilities of 3D printing and houses different technologies on every floor. The ground level engages the public with a 3D printing bistro, retail store, and prototyping studio. The co-working levels promote collaboration through programmatic “neighbourhoods” of activity.


Design & Engineering Student Centre

BCIT, 2017


The DESC is a platform for showcasing student achievements.. The intent for this buildings i to be the first of a series to increase the density in the engineering quarters on the Burnaby BCIT campus.. I wanted students who use the building to be able to succeed in their endeavours, socialize with friends, and showcase their work.

Community Centre

Strathcona Park, 2017


For this studio project, the challenge was to design in the manner of a given architect. In the manner of Alvar Aalto, the building serves as a democratic gateway into Strathcona Park and is comprised of a community of uses, synonymous to the context surrounding the Northeast corner of the site.

In response to the issues of densification in the city, the main courtyard acts as a street that is given back to the people of the community as a liberating gesture for the public realm.


Granville Island South Shore, 2016

For the Granville Island project, the challenge was to implement a permanent or temporary residence that would revitalize a chosen area on the island.

Since Granville Island is recognized as one of Vancouver’s must-see tourist attractions, the intent of the program was to bring tourists right into the heart of Vancouver and provide an opportunity to experience the active and social lifestyle adopted by the locals.