BCIT Exterior Pavilion, 2017

The design guidelines set out by the BCIT Student Association required a modular structure that could be moved, dismantled, or easily replicated across campus.

In response to the design challenges, the pavilion is made of two CLT shells, and one cold-rolled, steel shell. Each cube is 10’ x 10’ x 10′ as a direct relationship to the transportation restraints of a truck bed. The CNC wooden panels replicate the silhouette of a mountain range, and allows students to walk through the valley of the mountain. 



Robson Redux, 2015

Floe was a winning entry in the 2015 Robson-Redux in-house design competition hosted by Architectural Connections (BCIT).

Floe embodies the consequences of climate change often overlooked in prevailing “green” culture. Through the juxtaposition of ice on a hot summer’s day, Floe exhibits the relationship of our port city to the reality of rising sea levels and severe climate change. The design is loosely modeled after the bridges that divide the coastline of False Creek; although the divisions are geographical, they serve as a vital connection within our city.